Sara Shirley

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Channel for Mary Magdalene

I’m here to help you remember.

To remember what’s important to you,

what it feels like to be lit up,

what it feels like to dream your wildest dreams

and know you are worthy of them.

To come back to your intuition and your inner voice. 

I’m here to help you peel away the layers of old wounds, conditioning

and limiting beliefs that are holding you back,

so you can soften and expand into who you truly are.


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My philosophy:

My approach to healing is gerenally a very feminine one. I bring a gentle, nurturing yet empowering energy to our sessions together, to help you move through old emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs, from this lifetime and past.

We work together to access the intuitive messages that come through for you, rather than me just telling you all the answers. My clients and I have found this approach to be much more deeply impactful and it provides for ever-lasting transformation.

I have extensive experience and training working with the Goddess and especially adore supporting women to step into their priestess powers as well. This particular path is one of deep empowerment and activating your Divine gifts. 

If you choose to work with me, I will help you tune in more deeply to listen to your inner voice, help you find a deeper connection to the Spirit world, learn to Trust and love yourself more and live out your Purpose. The empowerment you’ll experience as a result will be transformative.

Healing Services I offer:

Private sessions may include:

  • Channeled healings and clearings with Ascended Masters like Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Yeshua, Kali Ma, and more. 
  • Activations of your gifts
  • Inner child healing
  • Ancestral healing
  • Past life healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • Etheric cord cutting and cleansing
  • Connect with your life Purpose
  • Connect with your Guides, Ascended Masters and team of Light
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Reiki certification workshops
  • and more…


Click the links below to find out more about my 1:1 work, my healer training program, and my events/workshops

Heaven on Earth Mystery School healer training online priestess shadow work inner child healing intuitive intuition Sara Shirley
heaven on earth, the mystery school

This is my flagship program where you will experience the most transformation and growth!


If you’re a highly sensitive person, an old soul, an empath, lightworker, coach or healer who longs to rise into your fullest potential, Heaven on Earth the Mystery School awaits. This transformative program will help awaken and amplify your spiritual gifts, heal the blockages that are holding you back, all while empowering you to live in alignment with your soul’s true Purpose.

Heaven on Earth Mystery School healer training online priestess shadow work inner child healing intuitive intuition Sara Shirley
oracle card readings

Receive a 3-6 card oracle card reading, ask questions or come fully open to receive! I will also share intuitive guidance with you and steps on what you can do to support yourself in moving forward.

This is the most cost affordable way to work with me at the moment!

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1-on-1 Healing Session bundles

If you’re looking to finally break through old patterns and limiting beliefs, in these sessions, we dive deep in to access the root cause of what’s holding you back.

Following my intuition and psychic abilities, as well as working with Spirit, we’ll use tools such as guided meditation, inner child healing, past life regression, ancestral clearing, transmuting energetic cords, Reiki, affirmations, etc. to remove the blockages that you’re experiencing and replace them with self-love and empowerment.

I love to leave you with tools to help you continue the work/practice in your own time as well in between sessions.

Sessions are offered internationally via Zoom. 
Trust me when I say they’re just as powerful as in-person!

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About me

Hi! I’m Sara. I’m an intuitive empath and am deeply connected to Mother Earth. I feel like I was born to channel this healing energy for others. And I’m deeply grateful for that!

I’m a Reiki Master, a deeply sensitive being, and use my psychic abilities to help my clients create transformation in their lives.

I LOVE dancing, nutrition, nature, animals, and connecting with others. I make it a priority to play, to learn and to design my conscious lifestyle.

In late 2017, I lost my job at a company I hated working for and had only accepted because I wanted to please my parents. After that, I felt so lost and barely had any work or money. I have to be honest, it was a dark few months in conjunction with the winter that year. On New Years Eve, I was at a party and a man did a guided meditation to ring in the New Year when I realized how tight my throat was and could barely stand it. I had felt that way all year (or maybe even my whole life, I don’t know!).

As a child, my family lost my brother to cancer, and there was a lot of pain and sadness in our household because of that. And as a deeply sensitive being, I was carrying so many limiting beliefs, so much energy and pain that belonged to other people. I cried in bed all day on January 1st and made a commitment to myself that things would change.

Here’s the thing, I had always felt drawn to spirituality but never knew how to access it. But my connection would come soon…

I had a dream later that month, in which I told one of the prominent sound healers in Toronto that I was going to become a “healer.” Receiving messages in dreams wasn’t a common thing for me back then, but this felt so real. I knew then that I needed to jump start my journey and start learning about spirituality and healing.

Since then, my whole existence has been dedicated to my own personal healing and transformation, helping others heal, honing my gifts and connecting more and more deeply with the Earth. I now dedicate my life to offering private healing sessions, workshops and events.

Whether it’s through 1:1 healing work, my healer training program or through my events & workshops,

I love to help women make massive transformations in their lives, come “home” to themselves and discover and live out their purpose, just the way I have!

Want to join a community of like-minded women?

A place to deepen your connection to Spirit, learn, share with others and so much more?

Are you ready, babe?

Start the work that will transform your life.

Own who you are, rise into your power and live your own version of Heaven on Earth!

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