Welcome darling, I’m so glad you’ve landed in this space. 

 Mary Magdalene is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine. 

She’s considered an Ascended Master and the sacred partner (or wife) of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). 

She’s awakening in many of us now, calling us back home.

She’s coming to us to help anchor in balance once again between the masculine and the feminine,
between the genders and all beings. 

Mary Magdalene is so near and dear to my heart because she was an incredibly powerful woman at a time on earth when women weren’t allowed to be powerful.


She represents:
 Feminine power.
Sacred sexuality.
The Priestess.
A healer.
Divine feminine energy.
Partner to Yeshua.
And so much more.

In January of 2022, she came to me when I had Co-vid. 
She told me she was going to channel through me more.

Once I was able to move out of my own way, she started pouring through in channeled writings, meditations, healing sessions for my clients, transmissions and more.

Scroll down to enjoy some of my channeled content from Magdalene 


Inner Child transmission

A channeled message from Mary Magdalene

Your body is your temple

A channeled message from Mary Magdalene

Watch this video to learn more about

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Priestess Activation

I recommend you set yourself up in a sweet, meditative space for this activation.

I highly recommend using headphones and being in a place where you won’t be distracted and can be fully present for this 30 minute experience.

You can smudge yourself, light incense for your space, light candles, surround yourself with sacred items that make you feel good – or none of the above 🙂


Many blessings,
Sara xo

The Lost Bride of Christ

When I first listened to this podcast by the Global Sisterhood, I have to tell you, it blew my mind. 

Christian scholar, Margaret Starbird encourages us to reflect on

how the world would be different if we had been given the image of Divine Union

(partnership, love, equality between man and woman ~ Yeshua and Mary Magdalene)

instead of the image of the celibate man and virgin mother

(Where Mary was essentially cast out and called a whore by the Church for almost 2000 years.) 

This played such a massive role on the way women have been perceived and is a great key to helping us re-write the story.

So much wow. 

I highly recommend listening.

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I’m Sara! I’m an intuitive healer, a spiritual teacher and a channel for Mary Magdalene.

I love nature, dancing, singing and stand for feminine empowerment.

I help women who are ready to strip away the layers of limiting beliefs and conditioning that keep them small, so they can soften into who they truly are, and embody their most authentic, delicious and powerful life 🔥

Thank you for finding your way here.

Much love,
Sara xo