Sara Shirley Ascension Symptoms blog

Hello beautiful,

Let’s dive into ascension symptoms, what they are and how they will show up on your spiritual healing journey.


What are Ascension Symptoms?

They are those subtle (or not-so-subtle) shifts that weave through the tapestry of mind, body, and spirit as we shed, heal, and evolve back into who we truly are. Just like you can have symptoms from a cold or the flu, you can actually have symptoms manifest as you’re healing.

Know that ascension symptoms manifest uniquely for each of us, tailored to our individual journeys. Here’s an image of what you may encounter:

increased/Heightened Sensitivity 🌿

You may notice that your sensitivity to all kinds of external stimuli and energy increases or becomes heightened. Perhaps bright lights, sounds, smells begin to impact you in ways they never did before. Maybe you notice you can’t be around large crowds anymore…


Emotional rollercoaster 🎢

You may notice that during certain periods or cycles your emotions begin to fluctuate a lot or feel really intense. One moment, standing atop a metaphorical mountain; the next, moved by the profound beauty of a tear at sunset, or having lots of grief or anger come up out of nowhere. This can sometimes be because you’ve spent much of your time suppressing your emotions and now that you’re becoming more in-tune with them, it’s like opening Pandora’s box. All the unprocessed emotions are coming up to be cleared. Be gentle with yourself.


Sleep changes 😴

Your sleep patterns may begin to shift. You may go through phases of needing a lot more sleep than normal. Give your body the rest it needs to catch up with all the changes you’re experiencing.


Others may start to wake up at odd hours or have more vivid dreams. Pay attention to what’s coming up for you and check in with your Spirit team for support.


Intuitive Unveiling 🔮

You may witness the blooming of your intuition, gorgeous! More synchronicities might start to show up in your life, you may be flooded with intuitive messages and “hits” from the Divine, Again, pay attention to what’s coming up and showing up for you in your life. Listen to your inner voice and the nudges from the World around you.


expanded Awareness 👁

Suddenly, you begin to perceive more – in your inner world and the world around you. It’s like the sensory dial of your connection to life and the natural world has been heightened. You start to notice the sensations in your body more, the thoughts that flow through your mind, the way you feel around certain people, and to realize what matters most to you, to name a few of the shifts.


deeper Soul Reflection 💭

There’s suddenly more importance for deeper reflection in your life – you begin to question your life choices, your path, your Purpose, why you’re here, the relationships you’re in. You may start to look back more on your childhood and why you are the way you are. You also may start giving yourself more permission to dream bigger and to go after your dreams.


physical symptoms ꩜

Often you might experience fatigue, headaches or all kinds of physical symptoms as you’re purging and healing, yet it is merely a recalibration and adjustment to the higher frequencies you’re inviting in. Your body takes more time to recalibrate than your spirit because it’s made of matter and it’s denser. Take good care of yourself with healthy nourishing foods, clean water, swims in lakes/oceans, epsom salt baths and whatever else supports you.


dietary shifts 🍏

Suddenly drawn to more nourishing foods? Your dietary preferences will often shift as you evolve. You may choose to eliminate processed foods, alcohol, sugar and any other junk foods. Many of us witness food sensitivities emerge as we become “cleaner and clearer” and notice how our bodies get bogged down by foods that didn’t used to bother us.


changes in relationships 💞

Do you feel a gentle (or strong!) pull that you’re growing apart from previous relationships? This is very common, and can often leave “seekers” feeling isolated and alone, like you don’t resonate with anyone around you anymore, as you follow your spiritual pursuits and deepen your awareness.


This is an invitation to get out there and call in your soul tribe. They’re out there, the amount of people seeking spirituality and consciousness nowadays is rising like crazy! Look up places where you can meet people with similar interests, whether it’s in local meditation groups, Facebook groups, ecstatic dances, kirtans, or whatever calls to you.


Quest for deeper Purpose 🚀

Lastly, you might notice this itching to create and live more Purpose in your life. You may wonder why the heck you’re here, what your gifts are and how you can make an impact using them. Beautiful!


If you’d like to receive some support in that realm, I offer healing bundles and healer training offerings. You can apply for a complimentary heart-to-heart call here to see how I can support you.


I’ve been supporting healers, lightworkers, empaths and old souls for several years now and can help you move through all the blockages that come up around truly stepping into your gifts.


Be gentle with yourself during this time as so many shifts are unfolding inside and outside of you. Take some time to celebrate your healing journey. Remember, you are not alone on this profound journey and that you are always supported by a Higher Power.


With love,
゚。 Sara ♡