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The moon is a very powerful energy and sometimes we don’t realize how much its pull actually impacts us.

Many indigenous cultures from around the world consider the moon to be a representation of the Divine Feminine. She is always flowing and shifting through her cycles, each and every month, ever changing. 

Have you ever been around the ocean around the full moon? The waves are massive around this time.

And if you remember how much water we as humans are made up of, it will help you understand how the moon also impacts our inner waters and especially our emotional realm. 

what does the full moon represent?

When the moon is full, she’s in her wholeness.

She literally illuminates everything.

During this time, you might notice that a lot of triggers are coming up for you, that your patterns and limiting beliefs are coming to light. This is the power of the full moon. 

She gives us a powerful opportunity to release what’s no longer serving us. 

When the moon is full, we often have more energy, confidence and capacity to get things done. It’s a more yang energy and is associated with the season of summer. 

You can work with this time of the month to really move forward with your projects and it’s a great time to put yourself out there in bigger ways. 


How to do a full moon ritual

1. Set up sacred space around you. You can light a candle, some incense, place some of your favourite crystals around you, turn off all distractions.

2. Ground down into the Earth by imagining roots extending from the base of your spine and wrapping all the way around the core of the Earth.

3. Say a little prayer, connect with your guides. Imagine yourself plugging into the moon through a tunnel of white light extending from the crown of your head. Breathe, connect and feel. 

4. Take some time to sit in silence, connect with your body and your heart.

5. Ask yourself the question, what am I ready to let go of in my life right now?
Some additional questions you can ask: what is no longer serving me? What is holding me back from the life I truly desire to live?

6. Allow your inner knowing to speak by simply listening and being receptive. You may see images or have visions, hear words, or have certain feelings in your body. Get really present with what’s here. 

7. Write down on a piece of paper everything you’re ready to release. 

8. Take some time to feel more into where these energies are held in your body. Wherever you feel the discomfort, breathe into it and imagine yourself releasing it down into the Earth.

9. When this process feels complete, you can rip up the paper, burn it in a fire, let it dissolve away in a bowl of water, or bury the paper in the Earth. 

10. When you’re ready to complete the ceremony, close out with a prayer of gratitude and slowly bring yourself back into full presence in the room you’re in. 

How does this land for you? I would love to read your comments below and hear about your full moon rituals.

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