The moon is a very powerful energy and sometimes we don’t realize how much its pull actually impacts us.

Many indigenous cultures from around the world consider the moon to be a representation of the Divine Feminine. She’s often referred to as Grandmother Moon.

She is always flowing and shifting through her cycles, each and every month, ever changing. 

Have you ever noticed how quiet things get around the time of the new moon? 

Each month, I notice my phone notifications get really quiet around that time and there’s a certain stillness in the air. My cat even sleeps much more and is less social with me.

what does the NEW moon represent?

When the moon is new, it’s the beginning of a new energetic cycle.

It’s a time of slowing down and being more introspective.

During the days around the new moon, we often feel more tired and gentle. It’s a more yin energy and is associated with the season of winter. 

You can work with this time of the moon cycle to pause, rest, go inwards and get clear on your desires for this next chapter. 

This is a powerful time to plant new seeds of intention for your life. 


How to do a New moon ritual

1. Set up sacred space around you. You can light a candle, some incense, place some of your favourite crystals around you, turn off all distractions.

2. Ground down into the Earth by imagining roots extending from the base of your spine and wrapping all the way around the core of the Earth.

3. Say a little prayer, connect with your guides. Imagine yourself plugging into the moon through a tunnel of white light extending from the crown of your head. Breathe, connect and feel. 

4. Take some time to sit in silence, connect with your body and your heart.

5. Ask yourself the question, what do I desire most for this new moon cycle?
Some additional questions you can ask: how do I want to feel? What do I want to do? Who do I want to share my time with? What projects would I like to create?

6. Allow your inner knowing to speak by simply listening and being receptive. You may see images or have visions, hear words, or have certain feelings in your body. Get really present with what’s here. 

7. Write down on a piece of paper everything you’d like to manifest. I recommend writing down 3-5 strong intentions that you can really connect with. 

8. Take some time to feel more into your desires. Feel, see and sense yourself living these experiences. Take at least 5 minutes to do this. 

9. When this process feels complete, you can place the piece of paper on your altar or somewhere you can see it often. Keep connecting with the vision of what you desire without grasping or trying to control the situation.

10. When you’re ready to complete the ceremony, close out with a prayer of gratitude and slowly bring yourself back into full presence in the room you’re in. 

How does this land for you? I would love to read your comments below and hear about your new moon rituals.

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