A transformative experience to help highly sensitive women, empaths, lightworkers and healers who want to expand into your fullest potential.







Transmute the pains of the past, deepen your intuitive gifts, rise into your power and live your Purpose.

You’ve been hearing the call for quite some time now.

You know you have spiritual and intuitive gifts, but you know there’s more to learn.

The doubt and challenge feel overwhelming. 


You have a deep knowing that this is your path and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

I see you, sister. Take my hand. I’ve been there before.

I’m here to help you step into your power as the healer, lightworker, and alchemist that you are.

To realize your full worth and live a juicy, nourishing and expansive life. 

A life of carrying out your Soul’s work,

A life of divine Service.

A life of divine abundance.

The life you came here to live.


Finally believing in yourself and truly knowing how gifted you are

Showing up fully in your power and knowing your place in the world

Being in the driver’s seat and a conscious creatrix of the life your soul desires

Activating and beaming your own unique inner light and sparkle to make the world a brighter place

Receiving that light right back to live a magical, meaningful and abundant life filled with love

Embodying the warrior Goddess energy who is ready to face whatever comes her way because she knows she’s worth it and is always supported

Being fearlessly visible as the healer and lightworker you came here to be

Serving to your highest potential and making an impact in the world

I have a special gift for you…

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The Healers Academy of Magic will help you…

Awaken, activate and expand your intuitive abilities.

Inspire you to see your innate divine gifts, and remind you of who you truly are and what you came here to do.

Learn and empower yourself to become your own healer.

Trust your inner voice and intuition.

Help bridge your connection with Spirit and your team of Light so that you always feel supported in everything you do.

Heal your inner child & family wounds to activate self-love within yourself.

Deepen your self awareness around your beliefs and thoughts, and alchemize the ones that are not serving you.

Learn to put your own needs first and honour your boundaries.

Help you see your abilities as a gift and not a curse, and empower you to use your gifts to rise in your power and to be of Service.

Walk your path authentically and express your truth with confidence, strength and power.

Trust your abilities as a healer, with solar plexus activations and more.

Have space held for you to do your own deep inner healing work, and get you into alignment to attract love, opportunities, abundance and everything your soul desires.

So sister, are you ready to join us and initiate your transformation?

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What’s included

20 video training classes

recorded (1-1.5hrs) – see below for weekly topics

6 x 75 mins
1:1 healing sessions

We will go deep together in these private sessions to clear away childhood, ancestral and past life wounds that are hold you back from the life you are meant to live.

4 x 30 mins 1:1 biz strategy sessions

I will give you advice, guidance and feedback with any questions you have related to your healing business, and help you find ways to create a business that flows with the lifestyle you desire.

Reiki 1 & 2 video trainings & attunements

Reiki is a powerful healing modality to help you channel healing energy into others. Learn the Reiki healing symbols and receive the energetic attunements to levels 1 & 2


Online group healing exchange with other students 1/month


Program certification upon completion of 10 case studies performed during/after your time in the program


 Training topics include

Week 1

Activating your Priestess powers with Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis

Week 2

Healing the mother/father wounds + the OCA technique

Week 3

Inner child healing

Week 4

Working with the Divine Mother Archetype – Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna

Week 5

Working with the Divine Father Archetype – Christ and Father Sun


Healing with the 4 Elements of Nature (Earth, Air, Water, Fire +trees)

Week 7

Clearing Fear and Expanding your Confidence as a Healer

Week 8

The Art of Holding Sacred Space for Others

Week 9

Energy clearing practices

+Removing etheric cords

Week 10

Distance healing,
and more RELEASE
+embodiment experience

Week 11

Hotseat healings

Week 12

Conscious Channeling

Week 13

How to do past life regressions + soul fragments

Week 14

Energetic Boundaries

Week 15

Deep Energetic Boundaries healing transmission

Week 16

Guided meditation: Envisioning your next steps with your healing gifts

Week 17

How to do Ancestral Healing

Week 18

Dealing with dark energies like demons and entities

Week 19

Soul contracts

Week 20

How to channel guided meditation journeys for individuals and groups

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Plus!!! Receive all modules from the Lightworkers School of Alchemy

Week 1: Connect to a Higher Power
Learn to connect energetically to a Higher Power,
trust more in your own intuition and forge your own spiritual path.

Week 2: Embrace your Wholeness
Step more into your authenticity and activate your voice.
Love your sensitivity and let go of perfectionism and comparison.

Week 3 & 4: Clear your blockages
Explore inner child work, which will help you get to the root cause
of your struggles with money and self-love so you can
transmute them and learn to re-parent yourself.

Week 5: Create your sacred temple
Care for your space, your home and
your body so you can give from a full cup.

Week 6: Commit to your rituals
Establish a routine for your spiritual rituals
so you can feel vibrant and alive.

Week 7: Create clarity about your spiritual gifts
Learn about the different types of psychic/intuitive abilities.
Practice and hone them so you can feel
confident to offer them to the world.

Week 8: Boundaries for the sensitive soul
Embody saying “no,” release over-giving and
learn to energetically protect yourself so you
stop absorbing other people’s energy.

Week 9: Manifest your heart’s desires
Master strategies and ways of being to attract
everything you can dream of, and more!

Week 10: Become clear on your
soul client & your offering
Have a very clear idea of WHO
you’re serving and HOW.

Week 11: Soulful Sales + Staying Consistent
Learn how to sell with ease and grace,
and how to stay consistent in your business
so you remain visible to your soul clients.

Week 12: Serve to infinity
Learn how to keep upleveling yourself
and your business so you can continue
to grow and flourish as a lightworker

Are you ready to become the healer & lightworker that you’re meant to be?



Some extra words from Sam’s experience working with me:

Since working with Sara, I have:
-really deepened my trust in my intuition,
-opened my third eye more than ever before

-connected with Spirit on a whole new level and found my team of Light who I work with regularly for help and guidance, 

-learned so much about myself as an empath and learned to set stronger energetic boundaries to take better care of myself,

-deepened my self-love and my self-worth more than ever before and am putting myself out there in new ways

“The transformation in my life has been insane. Personally, I cannot recommend this program enough.”


“Every time I would try to launch my business, which I’ve done multiple times, I’d just get this awful anxiety, all my confidence would just literally go away, and I’d end up not launching my business…

She identified and removed these blockages from my throat and solar plexus and no joke, I could actually feel it in my physical body, her pulling it out.

I’m just about to launch my business now, and I just feel so calm about it. I feel really confident and I just feel like something has definitely changed and clicked to enable me to do it this time without self-sabotaging myself. Literally a dream come true!”


Why work with me?

I’ve been exactly where you are at right now.

I’m a highly sensitive and empathic being and have always been quite intuitive – I just didn’t know how to use my gifts in a positive and healthy way (for myself firstly, and then for others!). On top of that, much of my life, I knew I wanted to connect to a higher power and lead a more spiritual life, but I just didn’t know how.

I struggled with anxiety and major fatigue and didn’t believe in myself.

But after a kind of “dark” autumn, I made a commitment to myself and made it my #1 priority to heal and transmute my painful childhood and other experiences that held me back from living in my power. And my inner and outer worlds have completely transformed as a result. Everything from my work, my relationship to myself, my relationships with others, love, abundance, all of it has expanded for the better.

  I couldn’t have done it without the help of teachers, friends and the trainings that have helped me along the way.

Here’s the thing, if you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s time to finally believe in yourself to give yourself and your life the investment it needs to truly expand, thrive and serve!

Allow me to help you see your MAGIC, darling. That’s what I’m here and the Healers Academy of Magic is here to help you do.  

Here’s what else I want you to know about me that differentiates me from many of the other healers and teachers out there:

  • I will truly push and inspire you to believe in your own intuition and abilities.
  • I have a strong balance with Mother Earth and the energies of the Heavens.
  • I can intuitively feel very deeply.
  • I’m a Reiki Master and a Priestess of Light.
  • I’m a channel for Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and Mother Mary, amongst others.
  • I’m grounded and down-to-earth. I will teach you how to feel like you belong and how to thrive in your work (on this planet, not just in the ethers!).

I cannot wait to welcome you inside this powerful and life-changing container

So Sister, are you ready to rise up?

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