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Unveiling the Healer Within: Recognizing the Profound Signs


Hello dear one,

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery often unveils hidden facets of our being. Today, let’s explore the signs that may indicate you possess the innate qualities of a healer, and the profoundly rich path that awaits you, as you choose to walk your Purpose.


Defining a Healer

In my perspective, a healer is a bridge – a guiding force utilizing intuition and holding sacred space for the person or people you’re supporting. You are a bridge between them and Spirit, the Divine, or whatever you’d like to call it. It’s essential to note that a healer is not the one directly performing the healing, but more like a facilitator and guide of transformation for others.


A Knowing in a Dream

For me, the realization of being a healer came as a crystal-clear knowing in the form of a dream. Dreams have a unique way of whispering truths that resonate deep within our souls. It was a vivid dream at a time in my life when I was deeply lost and stuck. The dream entailed me speaking to someone telling him I was going to become a healer. At first, he didn’t believe me, but when I said it a second time with more conviction, he believed me. And then the dream was over.


This prompted me to share the dream with a friend later that week when we were co-working at a cafe. She suggested I take a Reiki training that weekend with a teacher she knew, so I did, and I never looked back. I went on to become a Reiki Master, a trained Priestess and do an incredible amount of inner work, trainings, workshops, events and more. I am so grateful for that dream.


Okay, so now that you know my story, let’s dive in!

Signs You’re a Healer


You embody high levels of Empathy, compassion and Magnetic Support

People instinctively gravitate towards you, seeking your support, comfort, and advice. They feel your empathy, which makes them feel seen and heard. Your ability to step into others’ shoes showcases deep compassion and empathetic understanding.


Masterful Listening

Your capacity to listen with an open heart creates a safe space for others to express themselves.


Strong Healing Presence

You radiate a strong healing and calming presence, offering solace to those around you.


Calling to Alleviate Suffering

You feel a profound calling to alleviate the suffering of those in your sphere of influence.

Deep Thinker and Feeler

Small talk and superficial conversations don’t resonate with you. You’re a deep thinker and feeler, drawn to meaningful discussions and topics.


Sensitive Intuition

Your intuition is finely tuned, and you trust the guidance that flows from your inner depths. If you’re not there yet with the trust piece, don’t worry, it took me a while to practice trusting my intuition. You’ll get there!

You may receive insights or messages about people’s emotions or situations without them explicitly sharing.


Connection with Spirit Guides and Beyond

You effortlessly connect with Spirit guides, Ascended Masters, deities, nature, and even beings who have transitioned to the other side. Again, if you’re not there yet, it’s all good. If you have a deep desire to do this, that’s also a sign too.


Beloved by Animals and Children

Animals and children are naturally drawn to you, sensing the nurturing energy you emanate.


Feeling of Being Different

Throughout your life, you’ve felt different or like you don’t entirely belong. Many healers are starseeds, and I’ve supported many clients to learn to feel more grounded, safe and connected here on Earth. It’s okay if you don’t feel like you belong. Just know there are many others out there who feel the same way!


difficult Family Background

Coming from a family with a history of trauma and struggles, you intimately understand the wounds of others. You know what it’s like to feel pain, abandonment and to not have received the support you needed in your childhood. Perhaps you played the role of a healer within your family dynamic as well, being the parent to your parents.


Healthy Boundaries and Willingness to Help

On this path, it’s essential to recognize  the importance of healthy boundaries, which is something many empathic and highly sensitive people like you and I struggle with. As you grow, you will learn how to choose to help from a place of empowerment and not when it’s out of a sense of obligation. Your well-being is important too!


Attraction to Healing Modalities and esoteric arts like astrology

Different healing modalities, self-improvement practices, and self-awareness journeys pique your interest and are how you prefer to spend your time.



Unique Journeys, Common Threads

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the signs of being a healer manifest uniquely for each individual. Embrace the authenticity of your journey, knowing that we can all contribute to the collective healing in ways that resonate most profoundly with our souls.


The Importance of Training and Mentorship

For those feeling the call, seeking training and learning from experienced teachers becomes a vital step. Mentorship provides a compass, guiding you through the intricacies of your healing potential.

As you navigate the signs that illuminate your path, remember that the journey of a healer is not only about self-discovery but also a sacred commitment to serving the greater good. If you feel the call, honour it, and take the next step – sign up for a course, training, or mentorship. Your unique contribution to the tapestry of healing awaits.


If you’d like to receive some support in that realm, I offer healing bundles and healer training offerings. You can apply for a complimentary heart-to-heart call here to see how I can support you.


I’ve been supporting healers, lightworkers, empaths and old souls for several years now and can help you move through all the blockages that come up around truly stepping into your gifts.


Blessings on your journey of illumination and service!

With love,
゚。 Sara ♡