You are meant to live a great life. Period.

So many who consider themselves highly sensitive, empaths, healers and lightworkers struggle with their sensitivity, sometimes even considering it a curse. If that’s true for you, I’m here to help you shift that. I’m here to help you learn to better take care of yourself, no matter what, knowing that your gifts are so so worth it and that you are so worth it too! 


Here’s part 1 of my tips to help you in this next phase of self-love, self-worth and self-care: 

1. Turn off the noise

The world that we live in today is NOT made for sensitive people. There are cell phone dings, advertisements everywhere, people honking their horns, lawnmowers, and an infinite amount of information that we can consume each and every day. For your wellbeing, it’s essential that you become more aware of what you’re taking in and make changes if it’s too much. 

Sometimes we can’t control the noise that’s in our environment for whatever reason, so I highly recommend getting some good noise-canceling earphones, they have saved me on many occasions! 

2. Carve out time every single day for silence and alone time

Sometimes, the only medicine we need is being alone. If you’re introverted like me, you refill your cup when you’re alone. Created dedicated sacred  time when you get to be on your own – whether it’s in the bath, outside on a nature walk, for a mid-afternoon nap, or whatever fills you up. That time is for you and for you only. The others in your life will end up thanking you for it because you’ll be in a better mood afterwards!

3. Limit your time in busy/noisy places

Crowded and noisy places can be a lot on your nervous system. So much information to take in, which can lead to major fatigue and exhaustion afterwards. Several years ago when I was a lot of learning about being an empath, I realized that the events I was going to in Toronto were exhausting me – sometimes for 2-3 days afterwards. I was taking in too much noise, too many peoples’ energies through conversations, and more. 

There are 3 practices I have learned because of this awareness:

  • Only go to events when you truly want to and feel in the mood for it, don’t force yourself if it doesn’t feel in alignment.
  • When you do go, limit your time there. Leave when you start to notice that you’re getting overstimulated or starting to feel tired.
  • I love to wear earplugs to limit the amount of noise I take in, they truly help so much! The ones I have are called “Earpeace” and they’re meant for concerts anyways and look quite inconspicuous, so it’s all good! 

4. Spend time in nature

Mother Nature, Mama Earth, Gaia, Pachamama (whatever you’d like to call her) is an extremely powerful healer. Spending time in nature has proven to regulate our nervous systems, which is especially important for sensitives, since we have a sensitive nervous system. 

Put your barefeet on the Earth for a few minutes each day, hug trees, plant flowers and watch them grow with time, listen to the birds chirp. There are multitudes of ways you can spend your time in nature. 

Nature was my bridge to connecting with a Higher Power several years ago when I started on my path. An ancient oak tree actually started sending electricity into my body one day when I was standing in the park in Toronto. That experience blew my mind and was the first time I could actually “feel” Spirit. Spirit is so alive in nature, get out there and feel! 

Sara Shirley intuitive healer heal in nature

5. Get a furry friend

Any furry friend will but I’m particularly partial to every sensitive soul having a cat. I actually used to hate cats growing up because I didn’t understand them and was afraid of them. Until I met my cat Oliver. He’s an incredibly powerful healer. He’s helped me in so many situations, even etherically joining me in healing sessions when we were hours apart! So powerful. Cats are also extremely sensitive and intuitive, low-maintenance to take care of, and many are incredibly cuddly and tender. Regardless of which animal you choose that speaks the most to your soul, they will bring unconditional love, presence and connection to your life. 

orange cat healer animals

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How have these tips resonated for you? I would love to hear your feedback! 

I’m sure you noticed from the way I wrote this post, but I am definitely a highly sensitive person. VERY highly sensitive. And through my inner work, I’ve been able to love and honour my sensitivities and also help many others do the same (especially with boundaries!). If you’d like to learn more about what I offer, check out my Services here.


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